What It’s Truly Like Having a Lyfe Gym Membership: How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Less Hassle and More Convenience Than Ever.

dumbbells in a private fitness room with the Fitbod App open on a phone screen and a pool a sweat on the floor
  1. Introduction
  2. The Lyfe Gym Experience
  3. Why Private Fitness Room Matter
  4. Fitbod, more than Just Personal Training
  5. It’s the Easiest Way to do the Hard Thing
  6. Learning, Results, Pride, and Satisfaction
  7. Conclusion


We all know that getting in shape is hard. The get-results-without-trying industry is full of gimmicks and shortcuts all promising to deliver your fit-life without the sweat and effort that are truly needed. But somehow it always comes back to the same basic formula. Eat right and exercise. There is a reason this pesky advice simply will not die. It works. If you are truly committed to getting fit and enjoying all life has to offer, you will inevitably arrive at this same formula. The good thing is once you come to this conclusion you are finally ready to achieve the results you have been searching for.


At Lyfe Gym we developed the most convenient system for exercise that you will find anywhere. Plus, we were able to deliver it at a fraction of the cost. You get an entire month of personal training in a private fitness room for less than the average price of a single one-on-one session elsewhere. How did we do it? We started by building the most innovative workout environment anywhere. We built Private Fitness Rooms to give you the resources and focus to get the job done. Then we scoured the fitness app industry to find the absolute best solution to deliver results. Our search landed on Fitbod, by far our favorite app. So, we partnered with Fitbod to deliver personal training on-demand 24-hours a day as part of our Best Lyfe Membership. These aren’t just canned workouts, they’re custom-built workouts just for you and your fitness journey.


With Lyfe Gym you get 1-hour every day in private fitness rooms plus unlimited custom workouts with Fitbod. This is the system that will get you to your goals. It’s the system we recommend. It’s the system we use ourselves. Once you experience Lyfe Gym you won’t want to go to another gym ever again.


The Lyfe Gym Experience

What’s it like to use the “Lyfe Gym Experience” to meet your fitness goals? It feels like home. Not to be cheesy, but with private fitness rooms giving you a personal space with private equipment it feels like you are working out at home. This is where you can focus on the task at hand and not the distractions that come with the large open gym format. Just open the Fitbod app to see your custom workout, book the rooms you need, and get it done. Let Lyfe Gym maintain and update equipment while Fitbod delivers your workout, the only thing you need worry about is getting it done and getting results. Super simple and super easy. Afterall, the workout will be tough enough why should you worry about anything else.


Just picture your day. Now picture it with Lyfe Gym. Open the Fitbod App and it automatically generates the perfect workout with reps and weights calculated specifically for your experience and recovery state. It continually calculates your progress level to determine how to achieve the goals you set. Inserting variation to prevent plateau and continually driving you towards results. Tutorials and videos for every suggested workout. It’s exciting, engaging, and different every time. Now that your workout is set, go into the Lyfe Gym App and build your private fitness room schedule with a couple taps on the screen of your phone. Reserve your rooms and digital keys are sent right in the app for the times you reserved. Your own private gym. Once the time finally arrives just head to Lyfe Gym and unlock the facility and your first room. Hit “Start Workout” in the Fitbod App, after getting your music going of course, and work through the list.


Once your workout is done go on with your day. Fitbod will use the information from your workout to calculate your personal records (PRs), log your progress, and build your next workout bringing you one step further in your fitness journey. If you’re active on social media you can share your workout right from the Fitbod App, don’t forget to tag Lyfe Gym so your followers can keep up with the progress you are making. The more you go the better it gets. Graphs, weekly and monthly total, PRs, and celebrations are delivered right to your phone highlighting your progress and giving you the encouragement to keep moving forward. It’s really the complete solution at a fraction of the cost.


Why Private Fitness Rooms Matter

So why Private Fitness Rooms? The short answer is focus. When you are completing a Fitbod workout you don’t want or need any distractions. This is time to focus on what you’re doing and how to optimize your time at the gym. Chit chat and distractions are working against you. Finding space and waiting for equipment wastes precious time at the gym. You need a private space to get in, get done, and get on with your day. In an open gym with shared equipment, you will spend much more time getting the same level of progress completed. It’s much more efficient to have everything reserved and waiting for you when you get there. This is the basis of Lyfe Gym. If you need two sets of dumbbells for a workout, grab two sets. Nobody is going to bother you about it.


Tip: Turn on circuits in the Fitbod App to unlock even more efficiency during your workout. You don’t need to worry about other gym goers giving your grief over using two sets of dumbbells.


You don’t have time to wander around the gym aimlessly trying to figure out what you’re doing next. Planning is the key to success and Lyfe Gym lets you plan your trip to the gym before you get there. It’s all locked in and reserved. No need to put blinders on to distractions all around you, there are walls for that. No worrying about ogling or getting in someone else’s workout video. It’s literally your room for the time you reserve it. There is a reason celebrities and wealthy individuals all build private gyms and have personal trainers, it’s the best way to stay fit. With Lyfe Gym now you can too!


Fitbod, more than Just Personal Training

Personal trainers are the bees’ knees. Trust me. As someone who never used a personal trainer before in my life, I didn’t know what I was missing. I’ve always struck it out on my own, mostly because I couldn’t afford a personal trainer. Once I started using the personal trainer found in the Fitbod App I quickly came to realize what I was missing. And it was a lot. The worst thing you can do is walk into the gym without a plan. It’s ineffective and wastes a lot of your time. Planning takes time and education on what your body needs and how to keep progressing. With Fitbod it’s all done for you. Fitbod uses Artificial Intelligence with tried-and-true fitness algorithms to determine your current level of strength. With this information they can accurately predict where you are in your fitness journey. It can use this information to build the perfect workout for you.


Fitbod is there for you the entire way. On the days you plan to work out Fitbod delivers everything you need to do right to your phone. You can of course request a workout whenever you want as well. Artificial intelligence considers everything you have done in the past and determines what the best series of exercises will progress you towards your goals. Fitbod isn’t just for gaining muscles either. You can select from:

  • Get stronger & lift more weight
  • Increase muscle mass & size
  • Get lean & burn calories
  • A basic maintenance workout
  • Practice powerlifting
  • Practice Olympic weightlifting

So Fitbod has a goal for you regardless of what you want to achieve. Fitbod also ensures you don’t neglect muscle groups that are needed to create a well-rounded physique. If you can’t tell we’re excited to offer this as part of Lyfe Gym, and that’s because we are driven to have the best experience possible. Fitbod helps deliver this experience, even if you are a beginner.


It’s the Easiest Way to do the Hard Thing

We’ve covered the reason for Private Fitness Rooms and Fitbod to deliver everything you need to build the fit life you want. With these tools you are going to find it is easier than ever to maintain your fitness routine. If you’ve struggled before, booking rooms and workouts delivered right to your phone will be the support you need to keep on the path toward fitness. That doesn’t mean the workouts are going to be easy. If they were, they wouldn’t be working. Making a commitment to complete a workout in a specific timeframe keeps you on track and focused on the task at hand. Your heart rate will stay elevated, you will sweat, and you will see progress.


Making a time commitment is key to preventing yourself from wandering through the gym without a goal in mind. Or from having a goal and abandoning it because you’re feeling burned out. Your mind is the hardest part of your body to train, timeframes and curated workouts will keep you honest with yourself while you push the boundaries of what you can do. These two simple, yet powerful, factors will be the catalyst that gets your body to new levels of fitness. Fitbod will build a workout that is going to challenge you in the time you have, Lyfe Gym is going to give you the personal space and uninterrupted access to the equipment you need to get there.


Learning, Results, Pride, and Satisfaction

You’re doing it. You’ve made the commitment and you joined the Lyfe Gym Experience. What can you expect now. First, you will have a learning period. The learning period may last a couple weeks up to a month and a half. This is the period where Fitbod is learning your strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Some of the workouts may be too difficult and some may seem too easy. It’s fine. Just complete the reps and weights with good form and record what you have accomplished. Fitbod is zeroing in on you. You will also have the opportunity to experience workouts you have never done. Be open during this phase, some of them may become future favorites. The cardio recommendations will introduce you to new machines and challenges, keep these in the lineup. They add spice to your routine, and you will often find little-known muscles telling you they have been ignored in the past.


In very little time the workouts will become surprisingly accurate to your capabilities. This is when you start to experience the push forward. Your baseline capabilities have been established and the challenges are being placed before you. Now is when you will start to feel the difference in your body. Your strength will increase, your energy levels will begin climbing, and your physique will start to change. The results phase is where you are. This may be the most rapid phase of progress and it’s full of excitement. Depending on your starting point this phase can last a while. It’s a fun phase to be in and it leads right into the pride phase of development.


After working in the results phase for a while you will slowly begin to enter the pride phase. This is when you begin to see evidence of your vision for yourself appear in real life. Assuming you commit and stay with the Lyfe Gym Experience the pride you begin to develop in your body and capabilities will only add fuel to the desire to continue towards your fitness goals. During this time, Lyfe Gym and Fitbod will still be delivering everything you need to keep motivated and working toward your goals. Your clothes won’t quite fit the same and you may even need to go shopping. These are all rewards for your hard work. Take pride, you deserve it, you earned it. The pride phase is working you towards the best phase of them all, the satisfaction phase.


The satisfaction phase will last the rest of your life if you stay committed to the Lyfe Gym Experience. This is the holy grail of fitness. The phase when working out delivers satisfaction. If you’ve ever wondered why some people will say they can’t skip a workout. Or they feel “off” if they haven’t gotten into the gym yet. This is because they are in the satisfaction phase. Their body is tuned into fitness, and it expects and anticipates the challenge. It doesn’t mean you will never have down days, but it does mean your body will be telling you to push through them. Where a workout is the new normal for you. You’re operating at a high level and reaping all the benefits of being in shape. You will still make progress, but progress will slow down a little. Don’t be alarmed by this as you have already reached many of your goals and you are going into territory you haven’t even considered yet. Life in this phase is good and rewarding.



Lyfe Gym has developed the best gym experience, with private fitness rooms and personal training, at a fraction of the cost. All you must do is download the Lyfe Gym App, sign up, and get started. You can do this in minutes. We’ve made it super-fast and easy. Like everything Lyfe Gym does, we optimize it for your experience. Private Fitness Rooms, Fitbod, and progress. It’s everything you want in a gym. So don’t wait to begin your journey. Every day you wait is another day that you live thinking about how much more you should be seizing in life.  So go on, get started and see what you’re capable of.


  • Can I try Lyfe Gym before I commit?
    • First, none of the Lyfe Memberships have commitments. You can pause your membership at any time. Of course, we would rather see you stay and achieve your goals. If you need to leave Lyfe Gym for any reason its a simple as pushing the “pause” button in the Lyfe Gym App.
    • Second, Lyfe Gym offers a free trial. You get one week and $8 dollars booking credit to come in and try Lyfe Gym out. We are so sure your will love what we have created we’re willing to let you come in and see what it’s all about absolutely free.
  • How do I get started?
    • You can start by downloading the Lyfe Gym App available on Android and iOS (iPhone). Then you can follow these simple step-by-step instructions to get set up. That’s it, your ready to go. 
  • What are your hours?
    • 24-hours a day 365 day a year. We are always open. 
  • Where are you located?
  • How do I pay?
    • Your payments are all managed with the Lyfe Gym App. Lyfe Gym operates on the premise that your membership is, just that, YOUR membership. Everything is controlled by you. Our payment processor (a subsidiary of PayPal) handles all the payments. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. 
  • I love the idea of Lyfe Gym, but I have some questions. How can I get in touch? 
    • You can use our Contact Us page.
    • Call or Text 408-692-5933
    • Directly email support@lyfegym.com
    • Find us on all the major social media platforms