Lyfe Memberships Explained: How to Pick the Right Membership for Your Needs

Lyfe Memberships Explained: How to Pick the Right Membership for Your Needs

  1. Introduction

  2. Three Great Memberships, Built for You

  3. What Factors Should I Consider When Picking a Membership

  4. What Membership Makes Sense for Me

  5. Conclusion

  6. FAQ


At Lyfe Gym we do fitness a little differently. If you haven’t already seen our facility and how it works you can check out those pages for a quick overview. Lyfe Gym is intuitive and super easy to join. We also have three memberships to choose from. Figuring out which membership is right for you is a personal preference as they all can fit any workout style. This is why you are never locked into a membership at Lyfe Gym. You can switch your membership at any time. When you switch, we will apply the remainder for the month to your new membership. If you want to try them all out, go right ahead.  

Lyfe Gym also has no additional charges beyond what you see in the membership description. The price listed is what will be billed. Taxes, annual fees, joining fees, and maintenance fees that you often see added at other gyms will not be found at Lyfe Gym. That’s the all-in price. Another tricky thing to look out for is when other gyms charge every two weeks instead of monthly. It makes their price seem lower, but it sneaks in extra billings for the year. Billing every two weeks results in 26 charges, which would be the same as 13 months of monthly billing.

Why do we make things so much more convenient than other gyms? Well, that’s kind of our whole thing. Lyfe Gym was created because we recognized that the entire interaction with a gym can feel like a hassle. Then when you go into the gym you are never sure what equipment will be available to you. Lyfe Gym fixes all these issues. Private Fitness Rooms let you build your workout and reserve equipment. The Lyfe Gym App puts you in control of your membership. Lyfe Gym even offers Fitbod with the Best Lyfe Membership so you don’t have to plan or log your workout.

Three Great Memberships.

First a quick explainer of our membership options.

  • Good Lyfe. Low monthly fee, more flexibility on how much you spend. The Good Lyfe Membership only costs $9/month and has booking fees of $2 for each 15 minutes you reserve in a Private Fitness Room. With this membership you have a low monthly fee but you still get 24-hour access to all the Private Fitness Rooms. Including the sauna.
  • Better Lyfe. The middle ground, with a modest monthly fee and reduced booking fees. The Better Lyfe Membership only costs $19/month and has booking fee of $1 for each 15 minutes you reserve in a Private Fitness Room. With this membership you have a slightly higher monthly fee but with discounted booking fees you can spend less when you book rooms. The more you go the more you save with booking fees. Of course, you still get 24-hour access to all the Private Fitness Rooms.
  • Best Lyfe. The membership with the most. The Best Lyfe Membership only costs $59/month and includes one hour of booking every day, then only $1 for each 15 minutes beyond the hour. This plan will save you the most money if you reserve Private Fitness Rooms regularly. Built for members who want it all included in the monthly fee for reduced costs. Included with the Best Lyfe Membership is a Fitbod Membership. Using AI personal training works best when you commit to a regular schedule, you get unlimited custom AI workouts and one hour every day in Private Fitness Rooms.

Now that you know what each membership offers, let’s look at what factors you should consider when selecting your membership.

What Should I Consider When Picking a Membership?

With three great memberships to choose from it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. We created a short list of things to consider when trying to pick your perfect fit. Of course, you can change your membership at any time. No need to stress about which membership you choose because switching is as easy as tapping a button in the Lyfe Gym App.

  • Flexibility

    • If you aren’t sure how much you will use the gym any given month (here’s looking at all the baseball moms) you may want to have a low monthly fee. This way when you have too many commitments keeping you from the gym the cost will be minimal. You will still have 24-hour access to private fitness rooms whenever you can sneak in the me time. However, months when you have more road games than weekends or are burning the midnight oil on a quarterly earnings report there is no guilt with the less used gym membership.
  • Frequency

    • How often do you need to use the gym? If the gym is the primary tool in your fitness arsenal you will likely come in most days of the week. If you are an avid outdoor runner who recognizes the need to cycle in some resistance training, you may only need the gym once or twice a week. Different people have different goals. Lyfe Gym is happy to be your go-to fitness solution or just part of the puzzle that keeps you fit.
  • Duration

    • Is your gym session 30 minutes or two hours? Right back to what your needs are for Lyfe Gym. If keeping your sanity requires two hours on the treadmill every day a membership at Lyfe Gym is going to be a lot different than if you burn yourself out in the weight room in 45 minutes. Knowing how much time you are going to book will be an important factor in determining how much Lyfe Gym will end up costing.
  • Cost

    • This one probably doesn’t need much explanation. Obviously keeping costs down is always nice. I have the price breakdown later in the article so you can estimate how much a membership will cost.
  • Personal Training

    • If you always thought a personal trainer was out of financial reach, think again! With the Best Lyfe Membership, we offer personal training. Not only will custom workouts always be available to you, but tracking progress is built right into Fitbod.

If you have a good idea of the factors, let’s dive in to how much each membership would cost for different scenarios.

What Membership Makes the Most Sense for Me.

Here is a handy chart showing monthly costs for each membership based on how much time you book. Once you figure out how often you are going to work out at Lyfe Gym you can easily determine which membership will save you the most money.

Graph of membership cost vs number of hours booked

The Good Lyfe Membership makes a lot of sense if you only need Lyfe Gym occasionally. If you are an avid outdoor runner and want to incorporate some core strength training once or twice a week. Or if you just want an option to get out of extreme weather when needed. Maybe you want to have a Sunday afternoon sauna session to prepare for the upcoming week. We’re here for you even if you only want our services occasionally. Lyfe Gym is here for how you want to use it.

The Better Lyfe Membership works best if you plan to use Lyfe Gym more than 30 minutes week, up to about 2 hours per week. Many members are in this range of working out. This plan balances out the monthly fee and hourly rate. The break even between Good Lyfe and Better Lyfe is $29 per month. If you find yourself spending about $29 regularly in a month, consider moving to the Better Lyfe Membership and you could save money.

The Best Lyfe Membership works best if you are regularly going to Lyfe Gym. Beyond 2 hours per week. Of course, there is the added benefit of Fitbod personal training to build your work outs and track progress. Factoring in Fitbod you may want to move to the Best Lyfe even if you aren’t able to make it in more than 2 hours per week. Overall, Best Lyfe offers the lowest cost per hour of use and is the range of physical activity you should target if Lyfe Gym is going to be your only physical activity in the week.


Any of the Lyfe Memberships can work for you, but if you are particularly cost sensitive Good Lyfe will have the lowest commitment. If you want the lowest cost per hour of use Best Lyfe is going to be the best solution. If you think you’re going to be somewhere in the middle Better Lyfe might be the sweet spot for you. The best way to make sure you know which plan to choose is to sit and make a workout plan, then stick with it. Once you have a plan you will know how much you might spend with each membership, plus you will be more likely to stick with it.


  • Do you offer any discounts?
    • Yes, we have a referral discount with our Best Lyfe Membership. If you sign up with someone else just fill out the form on the referral page. We will review the information and you both get a discount.
  • Do I have to sign up for a year?
    • No, all the Lyfe Memberships are no commitment. You can pause your membership any time right from the Lyfe Gym App. 
  • How can I check out you facility in person?
    • Lyfe Gym offers a free 7 day trial. When you sign up you will have seven days and $8 booking credit to experience Lyfe Gym in person without being charged. If you would like to schedule a visit you can text or call (408)-692-5933.
  • How many rooms and what equipment do you have?
    • Lyfe Gym has 18 private rooms. Each room will have a dedicated piece of equipment. The rooms are:
      • Treadmill
      • Stepmill
      • Elliptical
      • Adaptive Motion Trainer
      • Recumbent Bike
      • Upright Bike
      • Rowing Machine
      • Weight Room with dumbbells 5-100lbs, bench, and pull up bar. 
      • Sauna
  • How do I get started?
    • To start you simply download the Lyfe Gym App to your phone. We support Android and iPhone. In the Lyfe Gym App you create your account, manage your memberships, book private fitness rooms, and unlock doors.