10 Ways To Create A Gym Habit

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10 Ways to Create a Lasting Gym Habit

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t seem to have any hesitation when it comes to gym time. I assume you are reading this article because you don’t go to the gym often, and you want to.  Well, the reason is quite simple, honestly. It’s all priority and nothing more than that. They have the gym as a priority, and you don’t… yet. Here are 10 tips to create a lasting gym habit and what Lyfe Gym has done to help you execute on each one of the steps. If you follow the plan below you will be a gym regular in no time!

1.Join with a friend

Studies show when you join a gym with a friend or family member you remain more accountable to your commitment. So, when you join a gym do it with someone you like spending time with, it will make going a whole lot easier.

Lyfe Gym has a friends and family discount so if you sign up with someone be sure to register and you both get discounts! Find out more at https://lyfegym.com/referral

2.Pick a show

We all know how addictive your favorite shows are. Cliffhanger endings keep you eager to see what’s going to happen next. Use the brilliance of professional writers to keep yourself in the gym. Afterall, if they can turn you in to a couch-potato why not flip the script (pun intended) and use shows to help hit your goals. Just pick a show you will only watch at the gym and the motivation to watch the next episode can turn you in to a gym rat in no time.

Lyfe Gym has private fitness rooms with personal TVs in each room. You can pick a show from one of our streaming apps or you can screen mirror from your phone to watch something on your own accounts. Bonus: you can finally watch that strange reality show you always kind of wanted to see.

3.Use a program

Your workout should be challenging but figuring out what to do at the gym shouldn’t be. Let a program do the planning for you. There are lots of programs you can find that will spell out what you need to do depending upon your fitness goals. Find a program that is appealing to you and do it! Focused and refined programs will help keep you honest at the gym and make your time well spent. We’ve all had “off” days at the gym and that happens, but you will have far fewer if you follow a program.

The Best Lyfe Membership at Lyfe Gym includes a free Fitbod account, an Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer. The Fitbod App will do the planning for you while it builds personalized workouts based on your progress and recovery rates.

4.Schedule ahead of time

Deciding if you are going to the gym while you are walking out of work is a bad idea. Often you will be tired and have lost motivation, but you will still regret skipping the gym. Schedule your gym visits ahead of time to ensure that fitness has priority for the day. At night before you go to bed schedule your gym time, or in the morning after your first cup of coffee. Whatever time works for you, just do it before your motivation is lost.

Lyfe Gym lets you book private rooms in our app. When you open the Lyfe Gym App a full schedule of all the private fitness rooms is available to choose from. Just pick your time and book! You can book up to two days in advance if you are a scheduling pro.

5.Track your progress

The mirror doesn’t lie, but your brain will. Some days the person staring back at you in the mirror is wearing spandex and a cape while others leave you wondering if you’ll ever feel good in your skin. Trust me, it’s the same person. That’s why it’s important to track your progress. Not only will you get valuable feedback on what is working and what isn’t, but it can remind you of how far you’ve come. Even if you don’t like the “you” in the mirror today.

The Best Lyfe Membership includes a Fitbod membership, an AI Personal Trainer, that will celebrate progress with you.

6.Try new exercises

You don’t want the same thing for supper every night, why would you want the same workout every day? While sticking with a specific exercise will help you perfect a targeted goal, throw in some additional “new” exercises to keep things fresh and interesting. Who knows, that odd workout you tried might become a new favorite.

Lyfe Gym partners with Fitbod, an Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer, that recommends new workout regularly to keep things fresh and to target areas that you may have been neglecting. With constant recovery monitoring Fitbod learns how quickly you recover and gives a well-rounded, full body, fitness routine that will keep you marching towards your goals.

7.Eat and drink right

This one comes as no surprise, but it cannot be stressed enough. You don’t want to hit the gym to eliminate the calories of the day, you want to make progress for the future. Not paying attention to what you eat will rob you of energy, motivation, and progress. What you eat and drink will make all the difference in how quickly you make progress towards your fitness goals. Plus, a well-balanced healthy diet will give you the energy to make the most of your time at the gym.

Your Fitbod membership comes with nutritional guidance and newsletters containing healthy tips. (If you’re starting to see a theme here, we’re big fans of Fitbod)

8.Calendar and commit

Your calendar is one of the most important tools for the gym. It represents the only thing that we can never make more of, time. You may not put every detail of your life in a calendar, but if you did it would quickly show you what you value most. If you are making your health a top priority it should be front and center on your calendar.

Lyfe Gym lets you automatically add your private room bookings to your calendar. So, when you reserve your room, click the “add to calendar” button and give your gym time the space it deserves. You’ll be able to prioritize that time much more easily.

9.Set a phone reminder

Yes, we don’t need another reason to look at our phones. However, instead of a notification about your neighbor’s cousin’s trip to get groceries this one will help you hit your goals. Telling your phone to remind you that health is a priority is one of the best things your device can do for you. So set up a reminder for that trip to the gym that you pre-scheduled (see tip 4) so this time when your phone jingles it’s for a truly good cause.

Lyfe Gym lets you add your room reservations right to your calendar, so if you have a default reminder set up you will automatically be reminded.

10.Don’t go home

Home is a wonderful place where you can rest and relax, but you want to earn that plop on the couch. Home has a special way side-tracking your motivation, and that’s not going to shatter any health goals. Hit the gym before you head home, or you risk not making it at all.

11.Find your why

I know, I said ten ways to create a gym habit but who doesn’t like some bonus content. Finding your why has been the core to many success stories. Your why is totally up to you and you can keep it to yourself or tweet about it every hour. If your why is to be the active mom your kids have always wanted or to sit down without your belly hanging over your pants, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it motivates you. So set up a reminder for the hard times. It can be as simple as placing a picture of your kids in your car or on your desk. When you start to think about skipping the gym, just glance at the picture and remember why you are working towards this goal.